We are architects based in Zurich and Brugg/AG and our passion is for careful and sustainable renovations of existing buildings.

Whether it's an extension or an addition to a detached house, the comprehensive renovation of a listed building or the energy upgrading of an apartment block: we regard the existing substance as a valuable resource.

We see architectural design as a critical and productive examination of the existing fabric - with passion and down to the last detail. We attach great importance to careful design, as well as competence in execution.




From 21st August to 3rd October 2021, the Zimmermannhaus in Brugg is planning an extraordinary exhibition entitled "Wavelength". The Swiss musician, performer and sound artist Lilian Beidler (b. 1982) encounters the US photographer Dorothea Lange (b. 1895, d. 1965). Beidler reacts acoustically and installatively to images by this pioneer of documentary photography. Baumgartner + Partner supported the realisation of this event.

Aerogel: The little insulation miracle becomes affordable


Aerogel is a mineral building material made of silicon dioxide, commonly called silica. Silica, also known as a binder of traditional dyes, is non-combustible, durable, diffusible, harmless to health and insulates two to three times better than conventional insulation layers. Somewhat costly to produce, its prices have become more affordable in recent years. Aerogel is ideally suited for retrofitting linear weak points in the outer shell of existing buildings and remains almost invisible when used skilfully.

Perfectly integrated solar cells


Today, at the construction site on Weiermattring, the installation of the roofing solar cells was completed. The solar cells are actually the roof! The edge modules from 3S Solar Plus in Thun are adapted to the slightly conical shape of the roof and cover it completely and homogeneously - without bare corners or visible fake modules. The ensemble is neatly framed by a slightly raised edge. There is no more beautiful way to generate electricity!

Start of construction on Bergstrasse


Last week we received the building permit. Today, Monday is the start of construction. The renovation and energy upgrade of the family home in Windisch/AG has to be completed in three months, because the children will be changing schools after the autumn holidays!

First post-Corona feelings


Early summer, the first relaxing of the government regulations and a lunch together on the terrace - a very unfamiliar feeling. Everything is still a bit shaky and afterwards many went back to the home office. But yet there is something new and beautiful in the air!

We welcome Kathleen Krebs


Kathleen Krebs joined us as a project architect on 1st March 2021 and we have been very pleased to have her join the team. Kathleen made a cold start in home office and has strengthened us very effectively. She is currently occupied with the implementation planning for the BGZ residential buildings.

Temporary kindergarten Weiermatt Brugg/AG


We regularly support the Planning and Construction Department of Brugg with minor interventions to existing buildings. We are currently assisting with the upgrading of the Freudenstein Kindergarten, for which, we are allowed to live out our play instinct a little.

B+P scans the Limmattal marshalling yard


SBB Infrastructure will be renewing the systems control centre of the Limmattal marshalling yard. The new control centre will be integrated into the existing buildings. Baumgartner + Partner have created digital copies of these spaces. This allows the multinational team of planners to visit the locations virtually at any time and analyse the situation on site during online meetings. The model will bring enormous relief, not just in times of Corona.

Energy retrofit for a single-family house in Windisch/AG


A detached house from the 60s - very carefully designed in the spirit of the times, but with a very high consumption of energy. Energy that is currently provided by fossil fuels. How can the carbon footprint of such a building be significantly reduced without compromising the coherence of its expression? This question is representative of many buildings in the region. We look forward to the challenge!

Planning mandate for Baugenossenschaft Zentralstrasse Zurich


Baumgartner + Partner takes on a planning mandate for the Zentralstrasse building cooperative. We are supporting the developer in the completion of a major residential development in Lufingen/ZH. We thank them for their trust and are pleased to be able to contribute our know-how for quality assurance in the ongoing execution and completion phases.

Renovation of a private Duplex at Brugg/AG


The two-family house from 1912 is listed as a historic monument. It was carefully renovated inside, and the walls of the rooms were painted in bright colours in keeping with the period in which they were built. In the living room, the old parquet flooring was uncovered, and a fitted kitchen from the 1990s was replaced.

The project

Temporäre Installation im Schwarzen Turm, Brugg.

Exhibition Kupper, Salz und Zimmermann


From September 5th to 20th, the Zimmermannhaus Kunst & Musik and the exhibition group Salzhaus in Brugg/AG opened up less accessible places in Brugg's old town and played them with specially created art interventions. Baumgartner + Partner scanned the rooms and created their virtual twins. The temporary installations were presented as 3D tours.

Completion of office space Trimble Schweiz in Wädenswil


Trimble Schweiz GmbH will begin moving into its new office space tomorrow. Project start was almost exactly one year ago, the end date was fixed by an expiring lease contract. Despite a challenging schedule, the space was handed over fully functional and on time. We would like to thank all craftsmen involved for their well done jobs and pleasant cooperation!

Office outing to Basel


Cold winds and Corona could not upset our plans for an office outing. The original plan for a family picnic was put aside and instead a city trip was organised, unfortunately without partners and children. Karl Moser and the buildings of Diener + Diener, which have already become classics were the main focus of the trip.

Power Station Villnachern


Axpo Grid AG is planning adaptation work on the switchgear in the machine house of the Wildegg-Brugg power plant in Villnachern. The existing plant will be dismantled and replaced by a GIS. Within this framework, some structural adjustments will be necessary. We are pleased to welcome a new corporate client.

Detached House Extension at Riniken/AG


Instead of the planned three, there are now four children and with Covid-19 both parents' desire for a well isolated home office has increased. Welcoming guests to stay overnight is another point to be added to the schedule. Prudently, the client had considered an expansion during construction 10 years ago; now it is time for it to be done.

Penthouse extension at Unterwindisch/AG


A penthouse apartment, two roof terraces and a family: it was obvious that the terrace facing away from the living area should be incorporated and two additional rooms created. We are pleased about the assignment!

We're taking modeling to the next level


The image in the background is not a photo, but a point cloud. A point cloud is a virtual space generated from millions of colored dots generated by multiple laser scans.

Modeling based on 3D scans has always been an integral part of our work and we have always carried out the scans ourselves. Now we are going one step further: together with our partner 3D-Switzerland we scan even in high resolution and range. In this way we can integrate the new components directly into the point cloud of the existing.

This gives us the highest level of planning security right from the start, when dealing with the geometry of existing buildings, and generates clear images for our customers without additional effort.

Tertianum-Facade completed


It went quickly: right on time for the Zurich summer break. We successfully completed the renovation of the three Tertianum buildings at Brandschenke, Zurich. When the familiar observer hardly notices any difference, we have achieved our mission: an extensive technological refurbishment of the senior citizens' residence without any visual disruption to the original substance.

Extension of a semi-detached House at Weiermatt, Brugg/AG


The first project after lock-down is a single-family house in Brugg. The project is a small but very exciting expansion of the ground floor of the house.