Repair of the outer shell of the Tertianum Zurich/ZH

The development was part of a 2001 competition won by the architects Althammer Hochuli. They later realised the residential buildings in the north of the Hürlimannareal, while IttenBrechbühl realised the retirement home.

The façade is clad with open-pored quartzite slabs. Roof edge terminations, balcony and window parapets were designed without drip noses. This led to excessive wetting of the natural stone. The result was a strong algae formation in the pores with a clearly visible discolouration of the surface, partly with moss growth. Mechanically, there was no problem, the image was perhaps even wanted by the architects, but the residents found it disturbing.

In coordination with the Office of Urban Development, we developed a constructive weather protection. We applied window sills and roof edges in the same colour as the windows, cleaned the façade thoroughly and finally provided it with an open-pored impregnation.

PSP Mangement AG, Seestrasse 353, 8038 Zürich

Gesamtleitung, Architektur

Fassadenplanung: Stäger + Nägeli AG

Realisation: März bis Juni 2020
Erstellungskosten (BKP 1-5): CHF 1.2 Mio.