Rental Apartment Chapfstrasse Windisch/AG

The apartment is part of a development dating from 1972. The AG Fritz Frei, Aarau, built the buildings shortly before the oil crisis as the total entrepreneur, and the apartments were sold as condominiums. A generational change has been underway for several years. The building lease expires in about twenty years. The assignment was to remodel the apartment for a second generation of users at reasonable cost.

The guest toilet, centrally located between the dining and living areas, had been converted into a shower. We returned it to its original function and used the intervention to reformulate a key point in the floor plan. The wet room together with the wardrobe was optically hidden behind a cupboard front. The protrusion of the front sets the previously centrally located apartment door into a niche and restructures the deep living area. This creates an open visual connection between the two opposite window fronts.

Caramel-colored ceramic tiles take up those of the existing bathroom. The bathroom had been renovated in the 1980s, the tiles were still in good condition, we only replaced appliances and fittings.


Services Baumgartner + Partner
Overall management, architecture, construction management

Realization August to October 2019
Creation costs (BKP 1-5) CHF 140T.