Renovation is our speciality

We specialise in high-quality conversions, conversions and renovations. We preserve valuable building fabric - by adapting, extending, upgrading and densifying it.

Every house, every city has a history inscribed in it. We firmly believe that a structural intervention can only unfold its design potential if it is based on a comprehensive understanding of this history.

Planning in existing buildings

We have proven methodological expertise for interventions in existing buildings. Every project starts with a systematic survey: we measure and analyse the building fabric, clarify the legal framework and sound out the potential.

We take note of the customer's needs and play through solution ideas in variants. We always work towards a result that is as open as possible.

From the very first draft, we consistently work three-dimensionally in the virtual model. This sharpens the design quality, simplifies coordination across floors and always allows clear visualisations of the work.

As-built surveys with 3D scanning

The availability of precise building data is extremely important for interventions in existing buildings. Old planning bases are often no longer up-to-date, vertical information is often completely missing and reconstructing reliable plans is time-consuming.

We scan the existing building with a 3D camera to create a precise, virtual twin of the existing building. We work with this with little effort and from the outset in three dimensions and with centimetre accuracy, collisions are ruled out, as are missing photos.

To the digital twin of our office

Material and colour concepts

The sustainability of our buildings is important to us and so is technology. We rely on natural and tactile materials and combine proven constructions with the latest in building technology. We love oiled wood and work with recycled PET. We use mineral paints on wooden facades and integrate solar cells into them. We like to insulate with hemp as well as with aerogel. 

We also like to work polychrome, with professional trained color designers. High-quality, ecologically compatible color products are important to us.

Professional construction management

Building with the architects from Baumgartner + Partner is not least also professional project management. We clarify interfaces and guide you through issues. We create clear specifications as the basis for transparent bid comparisons and solid contractor contracts. We are present on the construction site and guide the craftsmen in an appreciative manner by means of carefully prepared construction programmes. Clearly structured and always up-to-date construction accounting is also a matter of course for us.