Our vision: Net zero. Our strategy: Adapt and upgrade

The building sector is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions and a building already emitted around half of this when it was built, in what is known as 'grey energy'. When we take action on a building, by adapting, compacting and upgrading, we are are reusing this pre-invested energy.

Our aim is to extend the life cycle of buildings by adapting them to today's needs and reducing the residual CO2 emissions during their lifetime.

Extensive interventions in existing buildings are complex and from our point of view, above all a design challenge. This is where we feel most at home.

What are GEAK® and GEAK®-Plus?

The cantonal building energy certificate (GEAK®) is the first step towards energy-efficient renovation. It is the official energy label of the cantons and is financially supported by most cantons.

A GEAK® energy performance certificate shows the energy class of the building envelope and building services of an existing building in seven classes. It identifies the areas where action is desirable and provides recommendations for energy-related measures. The preparation of a GEAK® report is free of charge for the owner.

The GEAK® Plus shows the overall energy efficiency beyond just the building envelope. It shows more comprehensively two to three variants of energy upgrading tailored to the specific building.

The Minergie® system upgrade

Older buildings often have facades that are sensitive in terms of design. There are ways to improve their energy efficiency without having to wrap them in an unsightly layer of insulation, a measure that is usually required by law according to SIA 380/1. It is not commonly known, but it is possible to meet the cantonal energy standards with a Minergie® certificate, as an alternative to the SIA 380/1 requirements.

For existing buildings, Minergie® offers four different system renewal options. Contrary to SIA 380/1, they take into account not only the energy consumption of a building, but also the form of energy used for heat generation and those who move away from fossil fuels receive less stringent requirements for the building envelope. The focus is not on energy consumption, but on CO2 emissions.

Energy upgrades according to Minergie® are subsidised in most cantons.