Every building tells us a story and every intervention in it will create a friction. We are convinced that an architectural design can only unfold when based on a comprehensive understanding of the existing substance - shortcomings are to be found and might have to be welcomed. The planned intervention will then add an new chapter to a story that sometimes had started long before.

Material and colour concepts

We love colors and materials and often find inspiration in our nearby environment: colors have been vividly used both in earlier and recent history, and at the self-evidence some buildings carries them through decades is sometimes amazing. So do materials, might they be raw or polished. We draw from that diversity for our concepts. And we'd describe a work as successful, when a pronounced color, after a few months, becomes absorbed by it's surrounding as a matter of course.

General planning

We draw on many years of experience in project management. Combining requirements to spatially and technically coordinated solutions is what we do. For that we rely both on established processes and proven partners. We coordinate building services engineering, fire protection, building physics and every other need necessary to achive our final goal: delivering a perfectly functional facility to our clients.

Construction Management

Baumgartner + Partner also provides comprehensive construction management. We carry out construction management ourselves. It helps us to have all practical experience flowing back into the design. We work with „Messerli“ a Swiss industry-standard tool. We use it to create clear cost estimates, clear bills of quantities and transparent bid comparisons.

Construction accounting with comprehensible CT mutations and always up-to-date cost forecasts are part of our self-image, as well as professional schedule management with measurable milestones.

3D building scans

Reliable data are a key element for interventions in an existing building.  We start every project with a 3D scan in combination with an on-site inspection.  The scan generates a point cloud that is imported in our BIM-system. The same data provides us whit a 360° visual documentation of all surfaces and technical installations. Matched with old plans these data thus allow us to continually build up a model-based project that perfectly reliable from the very beginning.

Click on the play-button below and sneak around our Zurich-office to see how we work with the virtual twins we generate - and get to know a little bit more about who we are and were we work ;).