Every city and every house carries a history within it, and every one of our designs is a part of this history. We are convinced that an intervention only unfolds in terms of design, if it is created with a comprehensive understanding of the existing substance.

We give existing buildings a new self-image by taking up what is already there, developing it further and sharpening it. We combine a keen sense of design with a profound knowledge of building technology and a strong desire to optimise energy use.

This is how we add a chapter to previous stories. Always coherent and sometimes even with a surprising twist.

Design precision

We start every project with a comprehensive analysis. We check the existing substance, clarify the legal framework and sound out the architectural potential.

For planning, we create the digital twin of the building and read it into our BIM system. We take the client needs and assess them in terms of variants, developing scenarios of possible interventions. In doing so, we always work towards an open result.

We consistently develop the design in three dimensions, from the volume study to the key detail.  Everything is carried out within the model. This sharpens spatial and design precision, simplifies collision checks, reduces sources of error and makes our work easy to read for our customers.


Precise visualisation of the building geometry is of great importance for building in existing structures. In older houses, the execution plans are often no longer up to date or not even available. Particularly with multi-storey interventions, this can lead to unfortunate collisions.

We start every project with a 3D scan and create a digital twin of the object. In this way, we build on a 100% reliable planning basis right from the start.

Material and colour concepts

The sustainability of our buildings is important to us and so is technology. We rely on natural and tactile materials and combine proven constructions with the latest in building technology. We love oiled wood and work with recycled PET. We use mineral paints on wooden facades and integrate solar cells into them. We like to insulate with hemp as well as with aerogel. 

We also like to work polychrome, with professional trained color designers. High-quality, ecologically compatible color products are important to us.

Energy retrofitting

The building sector is responsible for 40% of energy consumption in Switzerland. In many cases, renovating and densifying existing properties makes sense, but the intervention is sometimes complex, often more complex than a new build, and not least also a great design challenge.

Today, many older buildings can be upgraded to Minergie standards without necessarily having an excessive impact on their external appearance. Our goal is to achieve aesthetically pleasing and technically sustainable solutions.

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Construction Management

Baumgartner + Partner also provide comprehensive Construction Management. We prepare bills of quantities according to NPK (Normpositionen-Katalog), tender comparisons and solid Contractor contracts.

We are present on the construction site and manage the work in an orderly manner with clear construction programmes. A structured construction accounting system (Messerli) with up-to-date forecasts is also part of our repertoire. 

IT Software employed

  • Project Management: Smino
  • Costing, Bills of Quantities, Contracting and Construction Accounting: Messerli Informatik
  • Construction Scheduling and Resource Planning: MS-Project
  • BIM/CAD: Graphisoft ArchiCAD
  • Digital 3D Twins: Matterport® Technologies
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Hundertzehn GmbH, MOCO