Extensive interior renovation of apartment building Heuackerstrasse, Langnau am Albis

The apartment building from 1976 is owned by the municipality and is structurally connected to the municipal indoor swimming pool. It contains four spacious 4.5-room apartments. The sewerage drains were leaking and a comprehensive renovation of the technical installations was necessary.

The interior was completely renovated, bathrooms and kitchens were renewed, and in two apartments this work was carried out while they were still occupied. During the 2-week vacation of the ground floor medical practice, all supply and waste pipes were replaced and the extension of the practice was repaired.

Political municipality Langnau a. Albis, real estate department
Neue Dorfstrasse 14, 8135 Langnau a. Albis

Services Baumgartner + Partner
Overall management, architecture, construction management

Planning Team
Civil Engineer: Hunziker Betatech AG, Winterthur
MEP Engineering: Reu GmbH, Langnau a. Albis

Realization: Jun - Sept 2017
Creation costs (BKP 1-5): CHF 890,000