We provide high-quality interventions on existing buildings

Be it the restoration of a classicist monument or the refurbishment of a condominium, we understand the architectural design first and foremost as a dedicated and productive examination of the existing substance - with passion and attention down to the smallest detail.

Careful design is our top priority, as is our competence in realization. We offer our clients careful planning, long-standing experience, profound knowledge of local regulations and a professional cost- and construction management.

The English version of our website is under construction until End of October. Please refer to our projects in the German.


Temporäre Installation im Schwarzen Turm, Brugg.

Exhibition Kupper, Salz und Zimmermann

From September 5th to 20th, the Zimmermannhaus Kunst & Musik and the exhibition group Salzhaus in Brugg/AG opened up less accessible places in Brugg's old town and played them with specially created art interventions. Baumgartner + Partner scanned the rooms and created their virtual twins. The temporary installations were presented as 3D tours.

Completion of office space Trimble Schweiz in Wädenswil


Trimble Schweiz GmbH will start moving into its new office space tomorrow. Project start was almost exactly one year ago, the end date was fixed by an expiring lease contract. Despite a challenging schedule, the space was handed over fully functional on time. We would like to thank all craftsmen involved for their well done jobs and pleasant cooperation!

Power Station Villnachern


Axpo Grid AG is planning adaptation work on the switchgear in the machine house of the Wildegg-Brugg power plant in Villnachern. The existing plant will be dismantled and replaced by a GIS. Within this framework, some structural adjustments will be necessary. We are pleased to welcome a new corporate client.

Detached House Extension at Riniken/AG


Instead of the planned three there are now four children and with Covid-19 both parents' desire for a well isolated home office has increased even more. Welcoming guests to stay overnight has been an adding point to the schedule. Prudently, the client had considered an expansion during construction 10 years ago; now it is time to have it been done.

Penthouse extension at Unterwindisch/AG


A penthouse apartment, two roof terraces and a family: it was obvious that the terrace facing away from the living area should be incorporated and two additional rooms created. We are pleased about the assignment!

We're now taking modeling to a new level of performance


The image in the background is not a photo, but a point cloud. A point cloud is a virtual space generated from millions of colored dots generated by multiple laser scans.

Modeling based on 3D scans has always been an integral part of our work. And we have always scanned for it ourselves. Now we are going one step further: Together with our partner 3D-Switzerland we scan in even higher resolution and range. In such a way that we can integrate the new components directly into the point cloud of the existing stock.

This gives us the highest level of planning security right from the start when dealing with the geometry of existing buildings and generates clear images for our customers without additional effort.

Tertianum-Facade completed


It went quickly. Right on time for the Zurich summer break, we successfully completed the renovation of the three Tertianum buildings at Brandschenke, Zurich. When the familiar observer hardly notices any difference, we achieved our mission: a extensive technological refurbishment of senior citizens' residence's in without visual impairment of the original substance.

Extension of a semidetached House at Weiermatt, Brugg/AG


The first property after the lock-down is a single-family house in Brugg, the project is a small but very exciting expansion of the residential floor.

Our company brochure is here!


Our first company brochure is ready! The brochure reflects the four years of development work since our foundation in 2016 and we are very proud of the result - the printed and the built. We would like to thank all partners who made the printed version possible: Massimiliano Maritz, Lucas Peters, Nici Jost and Tereza Fischer.

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Construction start at Trimble's


In the middle of the lockdown, but still on time, the start of construction for the expansion of 1000 m2 of commercial space to the new headquarters of Trimble Switzerland took place today. The globally active software company is moving its office space from Horgen to Wädenswil. Baumgartner + Partner is realizing the tenant fit-out as well as the necessary adjustments to the owner's basic fit-out.

Restrictions by Covid-19


We took our computers home today. At Weekstart we will work in our home office. The construction sites will continue to be supervised as long as their closure is not ordered by law. Three of us four have children under the age of 12. With the closings of the schools and day care facilities, the time will be a small challenge for us as well. We ask for your understanding regarding telephone availability.

Renovation of the Tertianum facade started


Today, construction work began on the restoration of the natural stone facade of the Tertianum retirement home in the Brandschenke. The lack of window banks and roof edges meant that the quartz stone was excessively weathered and was no longer able to dry out sufficiently, which led to the formation of large amounts of algae. Baumgartner + Partner, in collaboration with the Office for Urban Development, developed a gentle restoration solution. The deficiency is remedied constructively without changing the original character of the building too much.

The Atlantic is crossed!


Florian Ramp crossed the finish line this morning on February 10, 2020. After a fast final spurt with a lot of tailwind the clock of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2019 stopped at 07:00 local time/12:00 UTC for Team Atventure. It took Florian a total of 59 days, 22 hours and 9 minutes to row the 3'000 miles across the Atlantic. Baumgartner + Partner co-sponsored this crazy project.

Baumgartner + Partner supports Handball Brugg


Baumgartner + Partner is the new co-sponsor of Handball Brugg from 2020. The club at our location in Brugg is doing a great job in the promotion of junior players and we would like to support it.

Retrofitting fire protection car parking garage Hürlimannareal


The two-storey, underground car park on the Hürlimann site has to be divided into two fire compartments. The construction of the wall will be carried out while the car park is in operation. Start of implementation is after the end of the thermal bath season, currently we are preparing the building application. 

Completion office extension Pacovis Stetten


800 m2 of new office space is ready. Pacovis AG moves into 55 new workplaces. 180 employees are now housed in a generously designed attic storey.

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QA mandate for SBB Infrastructure


Baumgartner + Partner support SBB Infrastructure in the evaluation of 60 object studies for railroad annexes. The aim is to identify and evaluate the object-specific need for action for triage of the intervention sequence.

Completion of Stadelhofen Railway station


The building project is not yet completely finished, but the equipping of the renewed facade was a milestone. After a good four months of construction, the result is impressive. The cool blue tones of the 1990s have given way to warmer, earthier tones.

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Barrier-free access Förrlibuckstrasse 60/62


With the commissioning of the stair lift, the access to the commercial building in district 5 is now barrier-free. The wheelchair-accessible toilet had been put into operation a week before.

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Finishing of the rental apartment Chapfstrasse 6


Small, fine, and finished: the private apartment Chapfstrasse 6 can now be offered for rent.

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