Redesign of the forecourt of the public indoor swimming pool

The work was triggered by a broken burst water pipe. Within the scope of the necessary repair work, the pavement and lighting were to be replaced at the same time. In addition, the pavement had been deformed by the elevated root system of the trees at the base of the trunk, and a dead tree had to be replaced.

Our redesign provided the trees with tree rings, which also serve as seating for waiting school classes and they give the square a new sense of space. Inside the rings the terrain was slightly raised and greenery was added. Drainage was carried out according to current guidelines with an additional collector and gradation.

Political Community Langnau a. Albis, Department of Real Estate
Neue Dorfstrasse 14, 8135 Langnau a. Albis

Services Baumgartner + Partner
Overall management, architecture, sewerage planning, construction management

Realization: Oct - Dec 2018
Creation costs (BKP 1-5): CHF 160 T.