Commercial building Förrlibuckstrasse Zurich/ZH

The internal canteen of the commercial building was recently converted into a restaurant open to the public. This resulted in the requirement to make the 1982 building barrier-free and accessible in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Act of 1996: We therefore separated one room from the existing men's toilet and made it separately accessible as a wheelchair-accessible toilet. A stair lift was installed on the first floor to overcome an outside staircase.

In designing the disabled toilet, we took up the raw quality of the commercial building and gently transferred it to the new context. The sober design of the existing toilet facility, the blue tones of the doors, the wall frieze in the existing panels were taken up again for the design of the IV toilet. However, the sanitary white of the existing WC tiles gave way to unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles, which absorb the warm brown tones of the exposed masonry, which is strongly present on the outside. 

PSP Management AG
Seestrasse 353, 8038 Zurich

Services Baumgartner + Partner
Overall management, architecture, construction management

Realization: Sept - Oct 2018
Construction costs (BKP 1-5) CHF 140,000 (incl. stair lift ground floor)