P146 Residential development, Lufingen/ZH

This development on the site of a fomer brick factory includes 189 apartments. The architectural design was carried out by Harder Haas Partner. The construction work took place in three stages. Following completion of the first phase of work, the client decided to change architects. We were brought in to oversee construction of phases 2 and 3. 

In our opinion, the design of the development was on the whole successful. The layout with slightly staggered volumes and steeply sloping roofs, complements both the gently rolling hills of the surrounding landscape and the grain of the village. The landscaping is characterised by the renatured water stream. The school access route runs along the stream and semi-public and public spaces are deliberately intertwined. Playgrounds and meeting areas are arranged along the water course, with an open retention pond and newly planted trees, typical of the local area, such as aspen and swamp oak. All the above help to strengthen the character of the development and its landscaping.

Taking on a project after it has been planned and approved by the local authorities is always a challenge.  There is a certain lack of knowledge when it comes to the history of the project. It is the job of the new architects to decode the DNA of the planned proposals and this must be done in a short space of time. For the client, this change brings significant additional costs and efforts. For the architect, the challenge is to identify errors and weaknesses in the design, correct them and minimise the impact of the change.

Building Cooperative Zentralstrasse, 8050 Zürich

Construction drawings, Design services

Planners and Specialists
Building management: Laternser Waser GmbH, Wallisellen
Structural enginner: Henauer Gugler AG, Zürich
Mechanical engineer: Alco Haustechnik AG, Zürich
Wirkungsgrad Ingenieur AG, Rapperswil-Jona
Electrical engineer: Bärtsch Elektroplan AG, Buchs

Realisation November 2020 to April 2023
Building costs (BKP 1-5) CHF 45 million