Renovation of the building envelope Stapferstrasse, Brugg

We like to mention this early project to illustrate the technical aspect of our work.

The family home was renovated and extended in 2007. The facade soon showed moisture damage under the terrace cladding (above right) and the large fixed glazing (left). The building physicist consulted by the architect recently suspected rising damp in the masonry. In addition, the temperatures in the attic were very high in summer.

In 2014 we were called in as consultants by the client. We determined the water damage, different causes.

The damage under the terrace cladding could be traced back to two errors by means of soundings: The soffit connections had not been properly drained, and the metal cladding had been attached to the top of the wall through the underlying waterproofing membrane, with water penetrating the masonry.

Left: The window stayed in, a windowsill reaching behind the window catches the penetrating water. Right: The measure is combined with an external sun protection.

The damage under the window was also due to two errors:

The drainage slits of the window frames were not at the lowest point, the water accumulated in the frame. In addition, the putty joints against the brickwork were too narrow and cracked quickly as a result. A windowsill was missing, and here too the water finally seeped into the masonry. 

We accompanied our clients to an out-of-court settlement, developed a new solution with the architect and accompanied the implementation.


Services Baumgartner + Partner
Client consulting, tender planning
Project management, construction management: pbbr GmbH, Thalwil

Planning Team
Facade engineer: Feroplan AG, Chur
Building physics: Amstein + Walterth AG, Zurich

Realization: 2014
Creation costs: CHF 150T