Parish hall Langnau a. Albis

The parish hall of Langnau a. Albis was built in the early 60s. The building convinces by its good proportions, the walls are in exposed brick, the ceilings in exposed concrete.

The space required by the social services department had grown, and the only possibility of expansion on the floor was in the direction of the small entrance hall with a view of the rear garden. 

The core concern of the project was to ensure that the view in the entrance hall was not obstructed and to integrate the new intervention into the existing building. The latter was opposed by the raw materials, the exposed brick did not allow any intervention without damaging its surface. The new surfaces were therefore plastered and integrated into the existing material in a coordinated color concept.

Political municipality of Langnau a. Albis, real estate department
New Dorfstrasse 14, 8135 Langnau a. Albis

Services Baumgartner + Partner
Overall management, architecture, construction management

Realization: August 2018
Creation costs (BKP 1-5) CHF 200 T.