Two-family house Stapferstrasse Brugg/AG

The building was originally designed in 1912 by architect Alwin Rüegg for the locomotive driver Adolf Siegrist as a two-family house with three rooms each. The simple, homely style of the house was included in the cantonal building inventory.

In 1966, the porch on the south facade was redesigned and integrated into the living room. The surfaces of the living room were modernized in the spirit of the times, the wall panelling was removed, the parquet flooring and the floor of the former arbour were uniformly drawn together under a ribbed carpet, and the walls were painted white. 

Our intervention was limited to the first floor and was restrained. In the living room the enclosure of the pergola from 1966 remained untouched. However, the old parquet flooring was uncovered and the walls in the old building were bathed in an intense green. The other rooms were also given strong colors. We found inspiration for this in the floors above. In the living room, the inner window surrounds and cornices were restored, new plinth and ceiling friezes create a softer connection between old and new.

In the new kitchen a fitted kitchen from the 90s was replaced. The green linoleum of the visible surfaces blends softly with the pale yellow wall panels, probably introduced in the 40s, and the red clinker on the floor. Recessed oak handles refer to the conserved built-in cupboards from the time of their creation.


Services Baumgartner + Partner
Architecture, construction management

Realization: August 2020
Creation costs (BKP 1-5): CHF 55T.